Friday, December 27, 2013

Vronsky and Babin - Pianistic Legends in Their Time...

As a child, I was consistently in awe of and overwhelmed by the sum  total of pianistic magic produced by Vitya Vronsky and her husband Victor Babin. I later got to understand that these two musicians were thought of by many to be the leading piano duo of the 2oth century.
While studying  at Eastman, I was given a copy  by my beloved teacher Jerome Diamond, of Babin's transcription for piano solo of the Coronation Scene music by Moussorgsky, from his opera Boris Godunov. I got to love playing it, and got to play it for as many people as I could corral to sit down and listen to it.  Babin's more famous transcription for two pianos of this piece was played countless times in recitals all over the world by  this piano duo.
For those of you who like piano music for four hands, and may not know of these two marvelous pianists, may I suggest your  listening to some of their recordings? Or go to YouTube - I'm quite sure that some of their  wonderful performances are available there.



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