Saturday, December 14, 2013

We Know Andre Previn - Was There a Previn Before Him?

Although Andre Previn was born in Germany, he is pretty much considered to be one of America's most eminent musicians. He is not only a world-class pianist, but a talented composer and really fine conductor. As an example, one video in my collection is that of Previn conducting with the legend Artur Rubinstein in a scintillating performance of the Grieg piano concerto.
And what a great musical base the man Previn possesses! Have you heard him play jazz? And I have a brilliant reading  that Previn does of the charming "Twinkle, Twinkle' variations of Mozart for piano solo.
Not to mention the really clever jazz pieces  of Previn that I have taught to various students over the years.
And if you haven't heard Previn's crackling recording of  Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, you might just take a listen - I think that it should be placed among the top recorded performances of this  defining work.
But how about the Previn "dynasty?"
Andre's  great uncle is not so well known to the present world  audience. Charles Previn was born here in America (Brooklyn, to be exact),  and became a power on Broadway and wrote many scores for movies, some of which are classics.
Universal  Studios was under his guidance and leadership, as regards the musical aspects, for a number of years, and during the forties and a portion of the fifties Charles Previn  was  much better known to the world of music than he is now.
Why not look into Uncle Charles sometime? He was the true beginning of the Previn saga...



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