Friday, December 20, 2013

Amparo and Gaby - These Two Pianists Should Be Remembered...

The name Jose Iturbi is well remembered as one of the eminent pianists of the twentieth century. His candent  readings of the great Spanish composers and his uncanny technical prowess formed  his historical trademark.
How many of us know of his sister, younger by about three years? Amparo was a stunning pianist in her own right, and established a world reputation alongside her brother -they played countless recitals together, performing many of the masterpieces for four hands over a period of years. She may, in terms of speculation, be a 2oth century reincarnation of Mozart's sister Nannerl, who was considered a genius at the piano, but historically placed in secondary position in notoriety due to the unprecedented level of genius given the world by brother Amadeus.
Do listen to Amparo - there are recordings...
Robert Casadesus was one of the more exquisite piano greats of the twentieth century, with wondrous luminosity emanating from his Mozart readings, and his regal attachment to Bach and other composers of the Baroque - then listen to his St.  Saens! A wonderful pianist and musician.
But what of his wife Gaby?  Both  she and her famous husband formed the Casadesus Duo, playing music for four hands throughout Europe. As  a unit, they were probably the most famous piano duo of the day.
Do listen to Gaby - By the way, their  son Jean became a very highly respected keyboard artist as well...



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