Friday, November 8, 2013

An Astonishing Musician, Who Wears Many Coats...

One of the most gifted musicians in our day is a man who has the gifts to perform before as diverse a clutch of audiences as anyone I am aware of. He is  a performer, who, at world- level, plays  for devotees of the different forms of jazz available; or bebop; or pop; or the Classics.
Listen to his treatment of  "Over the Rainbow," or listen to his performances with the jazz giant Miles Davis; and, if you can withstand his rather strange postures as he performs, become increasingly  familiar with the range of imagery this genius  can induce into reality.  I believe that you may well become involved in an ongoing investigation of the gigantic vocabulary that the man named Keith Jarrett possesses.
A few years ago, Jarrett appeared at Tanglewood. I was in the audience, and I was witness to a pristine, wonderfully realized  reading of the Mozart Piano Concerto, K. 488,  with the Boston Symphony. AND, Jarrett behaved beautifully throughout the concerto, not once writhing and twisting into various shapes as he customarily does when involved with Bop and Jazz.
If you already know of whom I am writing about, then so be it; however, if you are not familiar with this blazing, gifted iconoclast, then why not turn on YouTube, or get some of his recordings?



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