Friday, November 22, 2013

Peter Tchaikovsky - The Mystery Surrounding His Death...

On this day in November,  50 years ago, the American President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy  was assassinated, as the entire world knows. And with the arrival of this anniversary, we are assailed with a plethora of theories concerning the cause of his murder - was it indeed the work of one man? was the Mafia involved? or the military/industrial complex? or political adversaries? and so on...
Well, the absolute chaos surrounding Kennedy's death is but one example of such an event concerning a celebrity - take Mozart, for instance:  was it illness overwhelming a frail struggling genius, as is generally agreed upon? or poison? Why was he buried at a time no one expected it to occur? Why was the sexton charged with his burial replaced at a time when the widow of the genius came to view his grave, having been ill at the time of the burial? Why do we not know where Mozart is buried? His mortal remains have yet to be found.  and so on...
And what about Peter Tchaikovsky?
Is it true that he drank water straight out of a tap during the height of a Cholera epidemic? Did he drink that glass of untreated water at his brother's apartment? or a restaurant? did a "Court of Honor,"  composed of alumni of the composer, proclaim him guilty of homosexuality (the composer was gay, and palpably bedeviled by his sexual preference, calling it "that Thing"), and requested that he commit suicide?  or was it arsenic poisoning?  was it  not  bandied about that small doses of arsenic can result in symptoms that resemble those of Cholera?
Did Tchaikovsky commit suicide? or was there another cause? Arsenic traces can last over a century; however, seeing that the great composer died seven years before the twentieth century began, possibilities may pretty well have been demolished, as regards  any attempt to determine anything specific, in the event that his body is ever exhumed.
And so on...



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