Monday, December 7, 2009

On This Date... Some Thoughts

On this date in 1941, the entire world knows, of course, of the attack by the Japanese Empire on the American Fleet at Pearl Harbor.
There is no need to go over the details, as they are so very well known; however, some thoughts crossed my mind as I thought of this date:
With all of the carnage caused by the attack; with over 2400 killed, let alone the grievous damage done to the American fleet, one reality crossed my mind - the Japanese had solved the problem of the lingering Depression in America, over a decade in existence, through forcing the United States to transmogrify its economy by moving it into a war mode, putting countless people back to work in just a matter of weeks. Another issue crossed my mind, in that Hitler was shocked at the Japanese action, and it took him almost four days to declare war on America, in accordance with the Tripartite Treaty Germany had consummated with Japan and Italy some time before, and I believe that America was the only country that Hitler formally declared war upon in the entire Second World War.
The "sleeping giant," as Yamamoto called America, had been awakened, and on Dec.7, 1941, the process began which culminated, some thirteen years later, in the emergence of the United States as one of two Super Powers; the other being, of course, the Soviet Union.

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