Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Part Five - Conversations I Would Love to Have With Living Greats

One person that comes to mind I would enjoy conversing with is Condoleezza Rice.
The decision has nothing to do with her particular political position - I never obscure any of my personal decisions with my own opinions. I merely choose based upon the attainment level and history of that person's development into what he or she becomes.
What intrigues me from the outset is that she first thought of entering serious music as a profession, and studied piano and associated musical issues assiduously as a youngster, the result being a competent and accomplished pianist. She once accompanied the great 'cellist Yo-Yo Ma in either 2001 or 2002, playing her favorite composer Brahms.
However, she realized early on that she did not have that singular talent to become a performer of meaning, and altered the direction of her education.
To be brief: her having risen from provost at Stanford, where she began with a university in debt for about twenty million dollars, to a university with a healthy financial margin within two years; to her becoming the first African-American Secretary of State, are my primary reasons for desiring that conversation with her. It would be an enlightenment for me , through the art of conversation, to find out, in palpable detail, the view she has through her own eclectic looking glass; to see what makes her 'tick.'
I think that I would be in the presence of a true "Renaissance" lady, with many facets of information from many different views, which would more than hold my attention.



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