Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How About Great Musicians of Dutch Ancestry?

I recently got hold of a wonderful transcription for piano of "Sheep May Safely Graze" by Bach , written by Egon Petri, and am quite sure that I have never discussed great musicians of Dutch ancestry:
Although Egon Petri was born and raised in Germany, he was a Dutch citizen, as his parents emigrated from Holland.
The few recordings available of Petri place him, from my view, among the greats. His reputation as a distinguished teacher should not be ignored; for example, two of his students ascended to the World Stage - Victor Borge, known throughout the world for his unique application of comedic genius to classical music, and the other was Earl Wild (whom I have already written about), acknowledged as one of America's most distinguished pianists.
Elly Ameling was knighted by Dutch royalty for her defining attainments in the world of vocal art. She is best known, perhaps, for her wonderful ways with French Songs and German Lieder. I have also heard her sing Mozart and Salieri, and her position as one of the great singers has long been established.
Do listen to both of these great musicians, if you are not familiar with their work.



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