Monday, November 16, 2009

Mozart - Will Music Ever See Another Like Him?

The countless words written and spoken of Mozart will forever be on the tablet the world can always refer to.
With all that I know of him, perhaps the most impressive aspect of the impressive list of attainment bestowed upon this little giant, at least for me, is that we know that he, more than once, would be working on as many as five compositions on the same day, same hour; no matter the medium. It could have been a symphony, a quartet, a piano sonata, a violin concerto, and an opera, all during the same evening or afternoon.
I know of no other composer who could do this kind of thing, and at such a rate of speed.
It's almost as if the music was already there, awaiting this medium to transform it into being.
Will this form of candescence ever present itself again?



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