Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ah! The Sweet Smell of Celebration!

Some years back, one of my friends was a well-known radio personality, who for many years held top popularity in his programs on Jazz and Pop music, and was an acknowledged authority of those aspects of music. I still remember the warm feeling I got when, as I would drive my car, I would see his name plastered on the city buses, knowing at the same time that he would be coming over to the house for a piano lesson in order to learn more about classical music.
He had not only immense knowledge, especially of Jazz; he also possessed a great sense of humor; for example, on one of his radio programs, he recounted an experience of having been given due recognition in the form of having a building named after him; then describing the building as one consisting of public toilets, exclaiming that "I was MOVED (!) by this recognition."
Of course, no such event ever occurred.
Well, the time arrived for celebration of my and my wife's anniversary, and we received a call from our radio celebrity that he planned on coming over with a present, which obviously pleased us.
And so he pulled up to our home in his VW Beetle, and appeared at the door with a bag of something that positively reeked with a totally evil odor. He then announced that he thought that a most appropriate gift would be a bag of horse manure for our tomatoes, as he knew that we were growing vegetables in the back yard. To explain: our friend owned a horse - need more be said?
I wondered for a considerable time after this incident - WHAT did his tiny VW smell like after a twenty mile ride to our home??



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