Friday, October 20, 2017

The Idefinable Ubiquity of Music...

As I may have mentioned before;  for me, the two most ubiquitous bedfellows in Human History are War  and Music. The dominating question I sometimes ask myself;  which came first?  Do read on:
That unique moment in World War I, when a number of opposing troops stopped killing one another in order to sing Christmas carols together, essentially stopping Time - followed by the resumption of the killing.
Or, the German pop tune, Lili Marlene - there were times when that tune was sung by both sides during that war, in German and English. There were moments when the opposing troops could hear the song in both languages simultaneously during quieter times - how about THAT as an example of the station of popularity?
Between the two great wars, in the early thirties, two nations were involved at the same time in massive re-development; one, led by a new president named Roosevelt in a program designed to  bring a culture back from the shattering calamity called the Depression; the other, led by a man named Hitler, in order to prepare for ultimate world domination(proven in Hitler's Second Book). A pop tune, written in, I believe, 1929, titled "Happy Days Are Here Again" was sung in both countries during this period, again in English and German.
During the Battle for Britain in World War II, when English airmen began bombing cities in Germany, that 18th century Scottish tune, "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" appeared with new lyrics sung by the British pilots - instead of "bring back, bring back, bring back my Bonnie to me" the words were "bring back, bring back, bring back my bomber AND me."
Music - always there; just  waiting...



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