Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Pianist Yuja Wang - Will My Jury Always Be Out?...

Some weeks ago I wrote a blog about this 30 year -old woman , attempting to make a clarifying description of the quandary I had  created for myself by way of a determination about her status among the reigning pianists of our time:
Did she possess greatness?
Have I promulgated a distinction concerning the world of difference between one of the world's truly great players of the piano; and, the rarity called  'great artist'?
I do not back down from my view that Yuja Wang  remains, for me, as great a player of the instrument as I have ever experienced - imagine! With the likes of a Horowitz, or a Richter, or a Rachmaninoff having passed by the portal  of my memory sanctum, my conviction of her prowess as a pianist remains the same. When I hear a late Beethoven sonata take on a different dimension, and yet commands that I seriously assess that difference; or, when I hear her dispatching a Horowitz transcription with such fluidity accompanying a kind of smile that represents a journey of adventure and admiration; or, to bear witness to the level of barbarity carried by magnificent harmonic waves, making Prokofiev a wee bit smaller at the same time without textual compromise -
Am I being seduced by an unparalleled level of mannerism?
Or am I listening to greatness?
I  continue my quandary...
You will be the first to know if I become a subject of sudden coruscation -



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