Saturday, June 3, 2017

An Addendum Having Nothing To Do With the Arts...

As we approach the 6th day of this month, our thoughts, for many of us, will become directed to Operation Overlord.  The beginning of the liberation of  Western Europe from the evils of Hitler obviously was one of the primary events connected with the shaping of history which continues into  our time.
But this week also heralds the 75th anniversary of another event which, arguably, may be considered as an equal in import to Overlord;  and that is The Battle of Midway- to explain:
Only four months after Pearl Harbor, the spectacular  Doolittle Raid on Tokyo and other cities of Japan so stunned and infuriated the Tojo government that their reflexive decision was to extend their domain further east into the Pacific so as to make it impossible for the Americans  ever again  to attack Japan by air. The island of Midway, an American possession,  was their choice of occupation.
What the Japanese did not know  -  a portion of their naval code had been deciphered  by American naval intelligence.
The result, in a four day operation, was that the invading Japanese fleet was led into a trap that destroyed four of their aircraft carriers.
Gone forever was the offensive naval  arm of the Japanese Empire - there was no way that they could win this war.
And so, even though it required an island-hopping operation that lasted until Okinawa was occupied in the spring of 1945, and the decision to use the Bomb was implemented, the Battle of Midway only 6 months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor decided the final outcome.
How stunning the web spun by a look into historiography can be...

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