Tuesday, June 6, 2017

73 Years Ago This Day...My Second of Two Addenda

A time of remembrance on this 6th day of June is that other 6th day of June in 1944, when some 5000 sea-going vehicles appeared off the coast of Normandy. We call it D - Day.
What followed has been recounted by book, film, and personal memory countless times.
What may be lost due to the immensity of both size and ultimate meaning of Operation Overlord, led by a future American President(Eisenhower), is the process of transition, from the American experience.
May I cite just a tiny handful of numbers , all coming into view within a period of four plus years?
When the Selective Service Act came into being in the United States before this country went to war, and the draft was activated, almost 9 percent of the young men were deferred  from regulation military service because of their dental conditions.
During this period, the standing army of the United States numbered around the same as that of Portugal, or Romania (also spelled Rumania).
When D-Day occurred, among the Allied troops landing on the beaches, were some 73,000 Americans, all of whom were discharged from their boats on that first day.
And within five days, about a third of a million troops had been disgorged onto French soil.
As a musician, I continue to marvel as to what Man can achieve with the powers given.
Ironically; sadly  - what this species can achieve, on its dark side, cannot be pushed away...



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