Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Words by Mozart - Could They Represent an Unanswerable Question?

Whenever  I hear the music of Mozart, I am beset by the conviction that no matter how familiar I am with the work I am hearing, it is as if I am listening to it for the first time. No matter how well I am connected to where the music is headed, I am invariably beguiled by the delight of Discovery.
Whenever  the music of Chopin surrounds me, I am intrigued, no matter how well I know the music, by  the creation of a  new facet  on the  jewel we call 'beauty' that appears for the first time, which results in a deeper understanding, for me, of the power which Beauty imparts to the human spirit.
The language of Beethoven seems to be one of words; words I cannot unravel and turn into a form I can  distinguish -  and yet, for me, Beethoven is talking to me. The power of his statement is intractable, so far as any description I can intelligently convey to myself, let alone to any other human.
Is Music; WAS Music Man's first language? Perhaps a linguist can give me some kind of view, which, at best, can only be speculative, it seems to me.
Mozart, in answer to a question asked of him, or BY him, uttered the following:
"The music? It was already there. It just had to be written down."
Did Mozart mean that, for him, the mystery of the language revealed itself as he wrote; or,
is it possible that he felt  the music indeed was there before his 35 - year visit took place?
I do not attach myself to the Occult or any other supernatural aspect. Nor am I connoting any form of religiosity to the  writing of this blog. It is simply a little review of my sense of absolutely vertical awe I possess whenever I am, in any form, involved with the music I hear, or the paintings I can gaze at; or the other examples of the forms of imagery Man  has within him.



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