Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three Giants of the Piano - A Remembrance...

After having offered over the past few years over 510 articles in this blog called Aphorisms, I have decided to review for the reader the basic reasons for these articles:
As you know, the articles are products, in non-technical terms, of subjects that come to mind at a given moment, and  are produced without resorting to any written or published material, save for two or three that demanded word-for-word extractions to fortify the subject chosen; for example, the exact words of  a military officer from Napoleon's army  who visited Beethoven.
Briefly,  my premises are, generally:
To discuss a not-well-known aspect of a famous  person  or incident, or
To discuss a not-well-known person or incident.
After all, History has a proclivity to be short legged or short winded, and it is rather easy to forget about the existence of a powerful contributor to, say, the history of  the Lively Arts. That is why I often bring up names that may well have become obscure after a relatively brief period.
For example; I now bring to you the names of three musicians who, in my view, were vital links in the chain of Germanic traditions as they pertain to the piano:
Edwin Fischer, Wilhelm Kempff and Paul Badura-Skoda should be remembered for their contributions to the interpretive lexicon which includes Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. Although such creative geniuses as Chopin and Liszt, let alone others, have also been wonderfully  recorded by these three, the central reality of intrinsic value to the possibilities built into the great German structures left to us by the first four composers I mention above should, from  my perch, serve as immortal precedents of discovery, for the ages.
As an aside, Paul Badura-Skoda (who is still among us)  was a student of Fischer, who was also an acknowledged pedagogue. Fischer  included  Brendel and Barenboim as students(I should discuss these two as well sometime soon!)
Some of you probably know of the trio centered in this article;  however, for those of you who may not be familiar with Fischer, Kempff and Badura-Skoda should get to become familiar with their work and values.



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