Monday, February 25, 2013

Goddard Lieberson - Yes, He Was a Composer, Too!

Goddard Lieberson was president of Columbia Records during the 1950's and 60's, and was the visionary who introduced the LP to the American people. This alone has imprinted his name onto the pages of  the history of the  recording industry.
He was also a mover in the celebrated recording of Jonathan and Darlene Edwards, two musicians who never existed(see my 2007 blog), which caused a sensation among those who heard this most singular recording.
Additionally, Lieberson was a composer, and promulgated his brilliant wit in the 1964 publication of a three volume affair for solo piano, titled "Piano Pieces for Advanced Children or Retarded Adults."
The contents:
Volume One   -
Five Songs Without Mendelssohn:
Whistling Boy on Horseback
The Same Boy, Five Years Later , in Paris
My Neighbor Studies Voice
My Father Plays Pizzicato
An Aimless Walk in the Woods

Volume Two -
Six Technical Studies(Which Will Teach You Nothing)
Melody for the Left Hand
Melody for the Right Hand
Minor Seconds
Safe on Third
In Fifth Form

Volume Three -
Eight Studies in Musicology(Which Will Teach You a Great Deal) -
Mozart Without One Mistake
How to Handel a Bach Violin Solo
How to be a Soviet Composer
The Piano in the Distance Playing Chopin
Shostakovich's Vacation on a Collective Farm
Liszt, My Children(And You Shall Hear an Enharmonic Change)
Aaron Copland Shakes Hands With Abe Lincoln
Tchaikowsky's Last Waltz

The pianist Andre Previn recorded the above, if you can find it - have fun!



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