Saturday, December 15, 2012

Charles Rosen - The Passing of a Great Musician...

A few days ago, the acclaimed  pianist, educator and writer Charles Rosen, died at the age of 85.
His book on the Age  that gave us Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven is, essentially, as valuable a work as can be found concerning these three titans.
Sadly, my experience and his presence at the Eastman School came at different times - I would have loved knowing this man, who emerged as one of the most vital assets which adorn the glorious history of music.
Along with his consummate knowledge base and artistic values, Rosen was, in my view, a world class pianist.
All this, plus his recordings on the Siena piano, arguably the most unique piano extant. The word "unique" may seem, at first flush, rather out-of-place when one discusses the most omnipresent  instrument on the planet.But listen to the Siena piano, crafted around 1800, supposedly, as a gift to a farmer in Siena.
The sound is like no other piano - is it a harp? a guitar, perhaps? some form of harpsichord? a collection of bells?
Do go to you tube to hear examples, not only of the immense performances of Charles Rosen, but also this truly unique example of a piano - you will be enthralled, I assure you.



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