Friday, February 1, 2013

Moura Lympani - A Personal Renascence Of A Great Musician...

Perhaps the name Moura Lympani is not familiar to a number of you who read my blog; therefore, I feel that I should  bring her name out of recent history in order for you to know  of a great pianist who should be remembered:
I consider this lady to be one of the truly great British pianists. Both Dame Myra Hess and Moura Lympani are, in my view, two of the great ladies of the 20th century.
The stunning ease she demonstrated in forming the architecture of the music she had recorded, along with the marvelous balance and spontaneity  she imparted, especially in 19th century piano music she chose to perform(and record), are examples of artistic contributions of the highest order. Even  monstrously difficult works, such as "Islamey" of Balakirev ,are tossed off with such elan  and incandescence that I sometimes wonder if any other woman, besides perhaps, Constance Keene, had any equals in piano mastery.
By the way, both Keene and Lympany did record the Preludes of Rachmaninoff - for a real experience, why not listen to these recordings back-to-back? You might agree with Artur Rubinstein in his statement that he "could not imagine the composer himself playing them better."
Do listen to Lympani, and discover a treasure for yourself.



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