Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June - A Fateful Month...

This month, in other years, serves as a defining time in the history of modern man.
Three events come to mind:
In 1942, during the first week in June, American air power at Midway Island permanently destroyed the offensive phase of the Japanese Empire's prosecution of the Pacific war, resulting in the inevitable collapse and defeat of Imperial Japan in World War II.
In 1944, in the early dawn of June 6, Operation Overlord, which the world knows as D-Day, the greatest amphibious operation in military history took place on the coast of Normandy, thereby putting into operation the ultimate freeing of the oppressed in Western Europe, and forming history's greatest pincer, with Russia on the Eastern side, resulting in the total destruction of Hitler's Germany the following year.
And on this very day in 1941, human history was made when Hitler invaded Mother Russia, insuring the eventual defeat of the Nazi dream of world conquest. Actually, June 22 of 1941 may well be the most defining of the three examples I just listed, when one thinks of the ensuing events involving the super powers formed by the greatest war in the history of man and his constant companion; namely, War.



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