Friday, May 13, 2011

"Papa" Haydn - How He Spent Some of His Mornings...

The name Haydn is known, of course, throughout the world of music; therefore, it would be a waste of both your and my time to hash over the material so well known to us.
One lesser known aspect of his activities as a composer may, perhaps, be of interest to some of you:
We know that his immense architectural abilities to build so many of his wonderfully luminous ideas from smaller elements is, perhaps, his most powerful trademark.
Spending decades as an employee of the powerful Esterhazy family, wearing the same style livery as the servants, he blithely went about his business without worrying about the availability of the next meal, as other composers obviously did.
On many mornings, he would spend a rather considerable amount of time sitting at the keyboard doing nothing but improvising; and as he did this, some of the ideas that struck him as better than others prompted him to write them out, which he did, and, in many cases, these more appealing, more important ideas appeared in many of his masterpieces, frozen forever into the larger context of his thinking for us to enjoy.
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