Monday, June 6, 2011

The First Week of June - Two Defining Events...

We all know that today's date marks the 67th anniversary of Operation Overlord, better known as D-Day, the day that the Allies, in the largest amphibious undertaking in the history of warfare, landed on the coast of Normandy to actuate the liberation of a suffering people and bring the war to Hitler's Germany.
Another history-altering event took place two years earlier, also during the first week in June of that year.
The Battle of Midway, which took place between June 4th and 7th of 1942, spelled ultimate disaster for Imperial Japan, as all of the aircraft carriers assigned to the battle were either destroyed or scuttled, and permanently ended Imperial Japan's ability to wage offensive war - from that period on, it was a naval war built upon the American initiatives that were given over to them, due to the fatal damage inflicted upon the Japanese naval war machine.
To encapsulate, these two events, both occurring during the first week in June of the years 1942 and 1944, ended the dreams of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.



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