Thursday, April 14, 2011

Haydn and Mozart - A Unique Confluence of Events...

There is no need, on my part, to relate any aspects of the careers of Franz Josef Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as the world knows of them so very well; however, the calendar divulges a truly unique confluence simply by way of the birth and death years of these giants:
Let's examine - Haydn's span was 1732-1809.
Mozart's was 1756-1791.
Mozart, for a brief time, was a student of Haydn, and lived and passed away within Haydn's life span, with time to spare on either side of Haydn's earthly presence.
The younger composer's meteoric development and output created such a deep impression upon Haydn that, upon the tragically premature death of Mozart, and with almost a generation left for Haydn to continue his marvelous career, it might be noted that, without any design or seemingly conscious manifestation of intellectual or stylistic influence upon Haydn, and as a great and knowing composer, through his own observations, the elder composer became a kind of "student" of his former student, and may well have been infused innately by the Mozart Miracle.
The calendar tells us that no such event has ever been replicated. It is known that Haydn once told Mozart's father that his son stood alone and unique in the world of musical writing.
I must add that, in my opinion, Haydn was mistaken when he declared that there would be no one at the level of creative greatness represented by Mozart for another hundred years.
With deference to Haydn,whose music I love, and considered correctly as among the most important composers of all time - a hundred and more years have passed, and, in my view, the world is still awaiting the arrival of Mozart II...



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