Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"The Arts of" - All in One Person...

I was thinking of Noel Coward the other day, and mulching over the attainments of this true "Renaissance Man."
He achieved much fame in so many areas of the arts; primarily in drama, writing and music.
Even though his "Blithe Spirit" gained much notoriety, an equally impressive endeavor came out of a film; a film considered by many to be one of the more distinguished war dramas coming out of the Second World War.
"In Which We Serve," which I think was released in 1942, may be rather dated to some in this day (after all, this movie appeared some seventy years ago), is remarkable, not only as a kind of classic within its genre, but also contends as a truly impressive example of the talents of Coward.
How many movies have included:
The screenplay?
The Director?
The starring actor?
The musical score?
All wrapped up in one person?
Yes; all created by one Noel Coward.
By the way, it received two Academy Awards, one for the script written by Coward.
Not bad, what?



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