Friday, August 13, 2010

Mozart - The Most Universalized Language of All?

Do please forgive me, if you find that the following turns out to be directionless rambling to you:
A few years ago, the "Mozart Effect" was introduced into the retail world in CD form, with the accompanying statement that Mozart's music affects the unborn; more, perhaps, than any other composer and enhances their particular station within the process we call Life. Why?
I don't know the number of stores I've shopped in, including large department stores, that play the music of Mozart as background enhancement. Why?
Two weeks ago, we entered a Chinese restaurant for the luncheon buffet, and upon settling into our booth, we noticed that the music was not the exotic sound of the East - but Mozart; a movement from one of his piano sonatas. I never dreamed that my Lo Mein would be accompanied by the Master from Austria. What made this incident occur? The owners of this restaurant could barely speak English...
It induced me to ask a question; is the music of this titan the most natural method of communication extant in our world?
There is a sense of such powerful inevitability in Mozart - I find that, from time to time, I can tell exactly where the music will be going, even though it is a piece of his music I had never heard before - and yet, no matter how many times I either play or listen to his music, the sudden surprise emanating from his unparalleled power of direction is always a part of my experience in listening to his incarnations.
In a way I cannot possibly begin to describe, the music of Mozart seems to send words directly to the center of the mind, without any word involved. The libretto in a Mozart opera and a piece of his purely instrumental music are, for me, exactly the same, in terms of what Mozart is telling me. No other composer in my experience can do such a thing
A mystery forever unsolvable.



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