Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Incalculable Power of Music - Read On...

It's interesting, if not actually gripping to consider the omnipresence of Music, and its hold on the Human Animal:
How many of us not in music wake up, then become aware of a tune we know swirling in our head?
Many times it's "the tune of the day - " and on another day it's a different tune.
I think of the mortar we call Music being one of the ongoing powers that held the early Christians together through communal singing.
I think of the excellent bands that prevailed throughout Germany in the period from 1933, when Hitler came to power, and how he held the German community together through the songs composed specifically to help fuse that community into one immense entity of purpose.
And the last concert in bombed - out Berlin in 1945, just days before the surrender of the Nazi nation to the Allies, with the sounds of Bruckner reaching the exhausted ears of those sitting there among the ruins of a once great city.
I think of Otto Graham, considered to be one of the great quarterbacks in American professional football, known for his memorable passing abilities, whose love of the sport that made him famous was equaled by his love for music. Graham might well have become a professional musician - his parents were accomplished musicians, and he played three instruments equally well.
I think of Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State in the Bush administration, who played the piano well enough to accompany in public such diverse renown musicians as Aretha Franklin and Yo - Yo Ma.
I think of the one time I called a sports program on radio to discuss the "athleticism" of the musician. The radio host, a former major league baseball player himself, kept me on the air for about fifteen minutes after I told him that an accomplished pianist could play myriads of notes per second, and how many of the well - known athletes in various sports are active in music as a vital part of their daily lives.
And there are so many other examples of the ambient nature of this Thing we call Music...



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