Thursday, June 24, 2010

For Two Pianos?? Yes, Indeed...

The one time I collaborated in music for two pianos for an audience occurred around the period in which I was just starting out.
I do remember that it was before a large audience in a rather large place - where, or what the event was all about, I cannot remember; however I DO remember that it was quite an undertaking, due to the repertoire involved and the time it took to put it all together. Additionally, I discovered that, for myself, I would much rather put that kind of time into the learning of the repertoire for solo piano; therefore, the reason for my playing piano in a two-piano setting just that one time.
I remember much of the program, but not all:
We started with the great Concerto for Two Pianos, K. 365, by Mozart. Then, after a short intermission, we did the two piano version Brahms wrote of the Variations on a Theme by Haydn, followed by "Scaramouche" of Milhaud.
We also did at least one more piece, the identity of which I cannot recall.
And so you can see that it was quite a marathon for two young people just starting out - my partner was a graduate of the New England Conservatory, if I remember correctly, and she played really well.
The one aspect from this experience that bore fruit was that I really got around to listening more intelligently to MYSELF, in ensuing years of solo work.



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