Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jose Echaniz, anyone??

My thoughts went back to my days at Eastman, and the wonderful memories floating out at me, from the recitals in Kilbourn Hall to the magnificent chandelier in the Eastman theater.
I have already written about one of my teachers there, who was a prime force in my movement into the field of music.
But I realized today that one of the most brilliant musicians to have been born in Cuba became a member of the piano faculty at Eastman around the time I was a student there - I had never taken lessons from him, primarily because of my beloved teacher, with whom I had been for quite some time.
But Jose Echaniz should be remembered for his memorable piano prowess and repertoire. His recordings of Spanish masters should be recognized, let alone his impressive perspectives on the likes of Bach, Mozart and Liszt, whom he played much, and made sure that these giants were an intrinsic part of his students' development.
I saw him many times in the halls at Eastman, and heard him many times in concert - he was a wonderful pianist and musician who History, in my view, should recognize a bit more.



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