Friday, June 18, 2010

The Musicians Who, for Me, Have Probed the Deepest...

This morning, I asked myself which musicians, for me, have taken the longest and deepest journeys into that wondrous area of boundlessness forming the core of what we call Music - and I took much time to think about this question, as there are so many great artists who have been recorded, let alone great artists we can witness in the great halls throughout the world.
As this kind of question really has no form, please know that I will mention only one or two artists today, fully understanding that others will come into that rare place of recognition within my consciousness as time moves on:
The first name that struck me is Dinu Lipatti, the fabled Rumanian pianist, who in about 33 years of life, found ways of probing into the language that will sometimes move me to tears. In such a brief life, Lipatti was capable of actuating a unique experience within me; of taking me on a more extended trip into music that I have known much of my life, that I could never have contemplated without his imagery. Only a very small number among the great artists I have heard are able to move the atmosphere around me as Lipatti could, and does.
It is of interest to me that when Andsnes recorded the Bach-Busoni transcription "Ich Ruf Zu Dir," he dedicated this performance to Lipatti, whom the great Norwegian pianist openly admires.
A violinist comes into this rare arena of placement, for me, and his name was Fritz Kreisler - although he was already past his prime when I saw him once, as a child, some of the recordings left by this legendary artist do the same kind of thing that Lipatti does, especially in his journey into the works of Beethoven - at times, I feel when I hear Kreisler and Beethoven combined, I sense that the violinist, like the composer, has a perfect insulation from any aspect of the world outside of the music - it is, for me, that both the composer and the performer are totally sealed off from any aspects of human consciousness, save the music itself.
These two are the first to come to mind concerning this kind of Journey into Music -



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