Wednesday, October 14, 2009

24 Pieces - a Musical 'Albumblatt'

In the not - too - distant future I'll be doing a recital of various works for the piano, centering around my two grandchildren.
What I did when the first was born was to write a set of twelve short pieces, each representing a month of her first year of life. For the most part each is a brief memoir of an event during that first year; such as, her fascination with tiny chimes hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen - and so I wrote a representation of those chimes on the upper part of the piano, with a resounding and unheralded increase in sound, ending with a bang on the final note; a reflection of the fact that the little lady took a swipe at the chimes from her position on her father's shoulders, actually striking those chimes, causing her to grin a toothless grin.
Another piece represents Mother's Love; another, her first autumn, and so on.
The second child came along a couple of years later, upon which I again wrote a set of twelve pieces depicting, for example, elation upon the reality of "my first smile" - or; " I can stand!"
In both of these sets, I reserve the twelfth and final months of their first year with "Happy Birthday," one, in the style of a regal march depicting her status as a little princess; and in the second set, "Happy Birthday" is cast in the style of Beethoven's Second Period.
I expect this recital to be set in the memory of these two wonderful young ladies for some time to come (hopefully!), especially if the pianist involved plays all the correct notes.
By the way, when the parents announced the coming of their second child, I said that I WOULD write a set of twelve pieces for her first year; however, I warned them that if a third child was ever announced, that I would go on strike.



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