Friday, October 2, 2009

Dr. Kissinger and I - A Totally Unexpected Experience...

The setting - a restaurant called Osaka (long gone), in Cambridge, Ma -
The characters - three music educators and Dr. Henry Kissinger -
The time - shortly before noon on a weekday -
During a lunch period, two colleagues and I decided to try the Osaka restaurant, which had a solid reputation for good food; and so, we entered, noting that we three were the only people there. A waiter appeared, looking rather flustered and speaking veritably no English, and immediately put his arms up, then pointed to the door in a fashion that appeared to ask us to leave. We were completely confused, wondering what on earth was going on - after all, the front door WAS open, with no sign posted about a party taking over the restaurant in sight, or anything of the sort. Then another gentleman appeared, and in a hesitant form of English, apologized, stating that there would be no service available. One of us was about to ask the reason for all this, when the door opened, and in strode a man and two children. I was absolutely stunned upon noting that the man was Dr. Henry Kissinger, who came over to our little group. He obviously knew the man we had just confronted, and asked some questions in a low voice, then turned to the three of us, smiled, and explained that the place was reserved just for him and the children during the lunch period, and that we had come just moments before a sign was to have been put up to signify a particular time that there would be no service - it was really an awkward situation for the restaurant, Kissinger, and the three of us.
Well, Kissinger totally stunned us by telling us that he felt strangely about the situation, and invited us to remain in the restaurant.
The result: two circular tables, near the window - we three at one table, and Dr. Kissinger, incredibly gracious, sitting not on the far side of the restaurant away from us, but directly adjacent, my being not a foot away from him.
He immediately asked about us and who and what we were, whereupon he demonstrated solid interest in our profession, and how much importance he attached to the art.
This was just about the time he was assuming power in the Nixon White House, and I was completely at a loss as to why there was no visible security - to this day I have wondered where the security force was - there HAD to be, it seems to me.
At any rate, we all ate and exchanged pleasantries, probably for about 45 minutes - I believe that he DID introduce us to the two children of his, and I am quite sure (it was so long ago) that he mentioned some musical involvement on the part of the youngsters.
When it was over, we arose, and he shook hands with us, wishing us continued good luck(we were quite young then), and, as I recall, the three of them left first.
It was a period of veritable disbelief for us, and we were in a daze as we left the place, asking "did this REALLY happen??" - for about a week.
The reader may wonder if all of the above is merely an example of fiction on my part - all I can ask for is verification, if the reader desires, and the ONLY thing I can think of is:
I hope that in some way, either Kissinger himself happens to peruse this blog, let alone one of his friends or associates, so that in some way by answering this blog through "comments" (always available to you), or some other way, official verification can take place. I'm quite confident that Kissinger will remember the Osaka restaurant, as it appeared that he was familiar with the people inside.
Well; "there you have it", as the Emperor was reputed to say to the upstart Mozart.



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