Sunday, September 27, 2009

Part Two - Conversations I Would Love to Have With Living Greats

My next grappling with the delicious idea of engaging in conversation with living luminaries is the possibility of discussing issues of import with not one, but two brilliant young musicians, both of whom are enhancing the world of music with their talents.
One of these musicians I have never met, only having occasional contact with by way of E-mail; the other is one I have known since he was a student of mine, as a teenager from Spain.
So, in actuality, I have, for many years, been in meaningful and loving conversation with him, both in person whenever he has visited from Europe, and by telephone and E-mail - my qualification for including him in this particular series is the ongoing hope that through the years, I will continue to enjoy and profit from the unique chemistry having been born out of our countless and fulfilling encounters, as he has become a musician to reckon with and recognize, for both his luminous violin performances and his station as a composer.
The other is a pianist, and, like the violinist, an acknowledged educator and mentor to many students who have been fortunate enough to cross their paths in a highly recognized university in Norway.
The violinist is Ricardo Odriozola; the pianist Einar Rottingen, and both have formed a duo, playing and recording together over a long period of time. I find that their merging has caused me to consider them as One playing two instruments - their form of symbiosis is unique, and should be heard. One can hear them by looking at their web-sites and list of recordings.
Rottingen is still a quarry I have yet to snare in conversation, but knowing how he builds his ideas in his playing, I would love to engage in discourse with him, and nothing would thrill me more than to have both of these wonderful musicians glaring at me from across the same table.
Perhaps my dream will jell - it's possible that both will be coming to America in the Fall.



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