Monday, June 8, 2009

Julia and Moe - What a Couple!........What If(???)

I always like to think of "the art of" as it can apply to almost any pursuit, if the powers of creativity can be applied.
I've written about this aspect before in this blog; for example, I believe that Oppenheimer made an art out of physics by way of his belief in the pure joy of discovery.
Take Julia Childs. Out of Radcliffe, I believe, she became a part of the American Intelligence Service by way of the O.S.S., the precursor to the C.I.A. of today. Her creativity in this clandestine (and dangerous) organization led to such projects, on her part, as working on shark - repellent compounds, which ultimately transmogrified to such artistic pursuits, as, say - French Cooking?
Take Moe Berg, a catcher for such teams as the Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, and the New York Yankees - a baseball player with a tuxedo hanging in his locker in the event the game he just played in might be followed by a lecture he either attended or gave. A Princeton and Columbia Law School graduate, he also worked in the O.S.S during the Second World War, used his mastery of several languages to spy in places like Japan, Yugoslavia, and Germany itself.
What if these two had stuck to spying as their only source of employment?
Would French cooking have become the staple cuisine in the O.S.S.?
Or would the office of the head of intelligence have had pictures of Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams on its walls?



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