Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mystery of Imagery on the Mind's "Blackboard"...

I cannot offer any reason for the repeated impulse I experience periodically concerning the miracle of Mozart; at any rate, the following imagery assails me from time to time:
Because of the level of genius, coupled with the incredible speed of his writing and resulting output of Mozart given us in such a short time, I am occasionally the receiver of a "suggestion" that it almost seems that the music was already there, in existence, simply waiting for a medium; in this unique case, Mozart, to appear and unwrap the "package" for the countless thousands to listen to and marvel at in the years after this "medium" has passed from the scene.
I find it most compelling to take note of the imagery of Michelangelo, as he actually described his experience in the creative process; namely:
Michelangelo had more than once remarked that when a block of marble was in front of him, he felt that the figure was already there under the smooth exterior, and simply had to be revealed, veritably "unwrapped".



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