Saturday, May 30, 2009

Part Eight - Conversations with Whom??

To get back to the question dealing with "whom I should have loved to be in conversation with" -
Thought I should traverse the pop/jazz aspect at least once, perhaps more times along the way.
The first name that came along was (and without being surprised) Frank Sinatra. After all, his voice was one of the top contributions to pop music in the twentieth century, and radio programs continue to herald him week - to - week, as featured artist.
However (and for the same reason, essentially, when it came to considering Mozart), the difference, at least for me, between a defining talent giving us a medium through which passes a history-altering language, and the possibility that the art of conversation may not be hand - in - glove with that talent prompted me not to choose Sinatra.
Do not be mistaken - as with Mozart, I love what Sinatra gave to us, and I listen to his recordings whenever I can. But I am not sure that he commanded the kind of attention I might be searching for in the art of conversation.
If I had to choose a pop singer at this moment to be in discussion with, it might very well have been Mel Torme. He was most eloquent in his discussions about the ways of music as they swirled into being in his mind, and his collaboration with the great pop pianist George Shearing, who was a compelling conversationalist (I believe I had written an earlier blog dealing with a conversation I had with him years ago) resulted in an unforgettable twosome for a few short precious years before Torme's passing on.
Whether you agree with me or not; be reminded that this is merely a "game."



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