Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Remembrance and Perspective On This Day

eThe world knows of D-Day and the reason for its existence, and so I won't regale you with what is so well -known.
I think of the transmogrification of the ways of war since that day in 1944; war without borders, as promulgated by such events as New York on that fateful September day - war without uniforms, as actuated by men in street clothes.
By the end of June 6, 1944, over 100,000 men were already on the beaches of Normandy, and within eight weeks Paris had been liberated.
In the battle for Berlin, less than a year later, some 300,000 Russian troops and an unknown number of German soldiers were killed.
Consider the totally different dimension today, as it pertains to the ways of war.
For me, the sad reality is that War has been Man's constant companion, and he has not found a way to achieve the kind of peace that would extinguish war.



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