Friday, November 11, 2016

Movie Composers With Something to Say...

With all of  the movie  composers we know about, were any of them involved with  a number  of the world's greatest performers?
How about:
Miklos Rozsa, who  wrote a concerto for Jascha Heifetz? Rozsa also wrote music for the cellists Janos Starker and Gregor Piatigorsky.
Franz Waxman wrote music for Heifetz.
Louis Gruenberg also wrote a violin concerto for Heifetz.
Erich Wolfgang Korngold wrote a concerto for Heifetz.
The composers listed above were widely known for their movie scores, some being submitted  for Oscar  nominations.
These, plus  a handful of other movie composers, reached beyond the Expected with their work for some of the world's great performers.
Among the present-day movie composers, John Williams is, arguably, the best-known for his masterful scores in some of the great movies so familiar to us. I wonder, at the same time -  how many of us are familiar with his work outside of the cinema?  Do listen to one of  his  most imaginative compositions; a Concerto for tuba,  as an example of his enormous creative range...



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