Thursday, September 15, 2016

An Ongoing Miracle Through the Powers of Music...

I sometimes wonder if there are those  reading my blogs who either know of  similar experiences  that replicate the experience I am about to relate, or are themselves a  part of such an event? To go on:
This is the story, in  brief form, of four students of mine, who are about to resume their studies with me after a few weeks off for the summer - I will identify each by a number:
Number One was added onto my schedule while I was  a faculty member of the Longy School of Music. He was a sophomore at Harvard at the time, enrolling as a piano student  and seeking credits, as Longy at that time was attached to Harvard. After a short period, he decided to add to his time with me by taking courses in harmony and counterpoint. He remained with me through his years at Harvard, and was therefore not only an improving pianist, but also able to go on to harmonic analyses of the music he either performed or simply knew about. The year that he began with me was,  I think,  1983 - he will be resuming sessions Tuesday next, at my home; his 34th year with me , or thereabout...
The next three students all fall into the same line of events that brought them to me; namely, that they had children whom they decided to add to my piano student roster of private students. The children all began as elementary age students, and remained with me until their graduating from high school years later.  Numbers  2 and 3, within a week or so after their children had run off to college, called me in order  to occupy their children's slot on my schedule in order to take lessons with me; the result was that in virtually unbroken modality time--wise, the parent had simply slipped onto the same bench that their kids had occupied the preceding decade or so. Only  Number  4 was different - he decided to take piano with me WHILE his girls were still on that piano bench - imagine three members of the same family being student-contemporaries every week... the  existence of that dynastic continuation constitutes about 30 years per family of continuum.
Numbers  2, 3, 4 will be resuming their lessons next week.
The meaning - and the significance to me - is that we have four adults, none a professional musician; all four wonderfully educated and outrageously intelligent, with degrees from M.I. T., Princeton, and Harvard, each at the top of their particular profession, doing something I can NEVER do; and that is, to ESCAPE into music from somewhere else, and lose themselves in a manner that I can never experience - I am already there, simply having chosen music as my core of consciousness and pursuit as primary choice.
 The most valuable aspect I have received from this (what I am prodded to call 'miracle' of sorts) outside of the priceless friendships having been formed is the unique kind of growth that is available to these gentlemen by not only learning in the traditional linear fashion, but going back to music they had learned with me years back and undergoing the transformation of meaning to the very same notes they thought that had  learned well. They have all done this, and have a view that  relatively few non-professionals have undergone, as these parents, such as number  1, ultimately undertook a study of the language of music with me (harmony, chiefly)  along with the  piano lessons.
And so; with these four 'students' (I simply can not list them as such; perhaps the word 'partners' is more apropos) constituting  over a century of time with me, and I can  never describe to you the true depth of what the word 'learning' means , not to these four, but to me.
I enjoin you to contact me if you know of such an experience elsewhere - it would mean a great deal to me, be assured...



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