Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Reminder of the Import of This Date, 75 years Ago...

As is the case from time to time in my blog, which now approaches some 660 entries since I began back in 2007, I divert the usual issue of Man's Art, with a thought concerning certain dates of great historical import:
In this instance, June 22 of 1941 shaped the specific form of human history right up to this very day.
June 22, 1941 was the day that Adolf Hitler's Operation Barbarossa, the greatest land invasion in history, began with close to 3000,000 German troops invading the Soviet Union; causing unparalleled carnage, with as many as some 10,000 humans dying daily at times, with many results of watershed significance, such as the reshaping of  Europe; the emergence of two superpowers; the so-called Cold War (which, from my humble view, began early during World War II by the detaining or imprisonment of American troops by the Soviets, with this issue to this day not fully resolved); the Cuban Missile Crisis; Vietnam;   Operation "Paper Clip" etc., this being only a partial list.
How one day can shape our future has always  been a source of fascination to me...



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