Friday, May 20, 2016

Coming Greatness? Two Violinists Pretty Well Forgotten...

In writing last week about three pianists relegated to  relative  obscurity,  I was also thinking of two violinists who are , as well, placed  in the shadows  of historical remembrance. And so, do allow me to project their names out to you,  in the event that they have not crossed your paths:
Both were French;  the woman,  Ginette Niveu. The man, Christian Ferras.
To aid in putting their names into the modality of reality, consider:
In the case of Niveu - debut at age 5.
Two years later, performing the Bruch "G" minor Concerto.
At age 15 or 16, participating in a competition in Warsaw, beating out a young violinist named David Oistrakh.
The ultimate tragedy  - killed at age 30 in a plane crash bound for Paris, which also took her brother along with one of France's best known athletes, Marcel Cerdan.
Some recording highlights include works of Ravel, Beethoven and Brahms.
In the case of Ferras - A violinist who attained recognition quickly and adroitly enough to number the likes of Heifetz among his admirers.
Worked with and performed  compositions of Enesco.
Recorded the Bach two violin Concerto with Menuhin.
Played with Casals.
Recorded with Von Karajan.
Committed suicide at age 49, after a life-long struggle with depression.
Recordings to listen to include works of Beethoven,  Brahms,  Ravel and Bach.
Why not listen to these two, and judge for yourselves?



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