Friday, May 6, 2016

The Gimpels - One of the Twentieth Century's Most Highly Acclaimed Families of Musicians,,,

When one thinks of notable talents  in the arts of more than one within a family, we might first think of the Bronte sisters, who demolished the Victorian premise of male superiority in the art of the written word.
Or; perhaps, Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn.
How about Wolfgang and his sister Marianne "Nannerl" Mozart? In the Mozart example, one tends to forget that many considered Marianne to be a genius as well. Both she and her younger brother performed extensively as a  pre-teen duo, dazzling audiences wherever they played. She might well have become known throughout Europe, had it not been for two factors; one, the  precocity of  her kid brother, and, the social statements of reality that girls having become women were expected to become wives and mothers first and foremost. She might very well, in our time, have become a Constance Keene or a  Clara Haskil.
Alexander and son  Julian Scriabin - Alexander we know, of course - his transformation from Romantic to Mystic was a 'one-of-a- kind' in the history of the art. But Julian? - dead at  age eleven of an event that remains one of mystery even to this day. His drowning in a river is still a subject of question.
The music he left; just a handful of music for piano, is startlingly unique for one so young. There remains a question of complete authenticity regarding at least some of this music, but there seems to be no doubt as to his veritably Mozartean precocity. You can hear/see some of this music on YouTube.
And do not forget Jose Iturbi and his sister Amparo.
Which comes to my perusal of Jakob and Bronislav Gimpel.
Jakob became a pianist of sufficient stature to accompany the legendary violinist Nathan Milstein on tour. He became known as a pianist of stature throughout the Western cultures, while at the same time his brother was counted by many to be included among the leading violinists of the day. It  is an example of  uniqueness  to witness two brothers performing throughout the world on the same stage at such a high level,
You can also see them on YouTube.
And, of course, there are other examples of the above; however, I trust that this should suffice  for now...



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