Friday, September 25, 2015

Only When Great Music and the Great Performer Are One...

I sometimes  grapple with and  wonder about  Time and Space when I am witness to the fusion of great performer and  great music.
When I hear, for example, the Arietta by Grieg; or "Chopin" by Schumann, either of which amounts to one page of manuscript, I  am the bearer of precisely the same kinds of reactions and sense of presence as I do when I hear, again for example, the "Hammerklavier"  Sonata by Beethoven or the Second Piano Concerto by Brahms, either of which consumes the  greater part of an hour.
The nature of impact of connection and spiritual/emotive gravitation seem to result in the same kind of reality, it seems to me, that sleep gives; namely,  upon falling asleep and awakening, which could be a period of three minutes, or six hours -  there seems to be a sense of  NO time, as we normally  encounter time measurement  - by the second, minute, or hour.
When Andsnes plays Arietta, or Serkin plays "Hammerklavier,"  I undergo the same  kind of immersion, seemingly, of "no time" - whether it be a minute or 45 minutes.
Great Music without the attendant Great Artist; or, vice versa -  none of the above would or could exist...



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