Thursday, August 6, 2015

"The Art of"- On This Date in 1945...

Our world changed in approximately nine seconds seventy years ago today, when Hiroshima was devastated by history's first use of  a nuclear bomb.
The man who led in  the creation of this weapon was  not only one of the brilliant minds of his time, in the field of physics,  but also a lover of the arts, especially poetry. Robert Oppenheimer was an avid reader of Indian poetry, and could  and did quote from scores of verses which he stored in his personal memory bank.Mozart and Schubert's music were a constant part of his childhood memories. As a teacher, he was known for his treatment of the sciences as art forms, placing the creative process as apex of whatever the total endeavor happened to be.
Edward Teller, known to history as the prime supporter  and leader of the team that created the hydrogen bomb,  was at his piano playing Beethoven sonatas, whenever there were moments of leisure during the development of these weapons.
One of the most powerful documentaries I know of is a poignant, rather  poetic portrait of  the spiritual damage dealt  a number of the leading physicists after being witness to  that searing event in New Mexico, when the test of the atomic bomb took place in the desert. Those few seconds  gave birth to a reaction consisting of "My God, we did it!" followed almost immediately by,  "My God, what have we done?"
The title of this documentary is "The Day After Trinity". It was created by Jon Else, and as an art form, one of the great documentaries. Do look for it



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