Friday, July 31, 2015

Daniel Barenboim Plays Mozart - In the Event That You Are Not Aware...

A few weeks ago I entered a blog on the creation and design of a new piano by the acclaimed Argentinian pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim.
I neglected to add other important information (at least to me!)  at that time, because of the possible import and significance that may come out of this new piano.
And that is, the stunning emergence of Barenboim in his later and latest recordings of Mozart's sonatas.
This virtuoso has always included Mozart in his years as a soloist of importance; however, in the past few years, his stature as a truly definitive addendum to the distinguished  group of  great  Mozart performers  that this past century has preserved should be acknowledged.
I wonder if, by way of his increasingly deepening  perspectives about the ways of Mozart, Barenboim arrived at the need, through his personal dictum, of a new piano design. Was it Mozart? Or Schubert?
At any rate, his readings of Mozart, and wonderfully comprehensive view of the journeys created by the composer's sonatas, have led me, for the first time, to wish for  a publication of  nothing but the second movements of these masterpieces to appear before my eyes, so that I could establish a kind of communion with the inner core of a composer who could create such power in such a brief span.
I extend special thanks to Daniel Barenboim for his  stunning insight.



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