Monday, June 22, 2015

The Art of War - The "What If" Game... Some Great Historians Play It -

This date, in 1941; an event that, arguably, has done more to fashion the shape and function of our times  than any other happening, took place:
On that fateful day, the nearly 3000 mile border into the Soviet Union was ripped asunder by about three million men in the greatest land invasion in War's history - this decision by Adolf Hitler, in the face of a two-front war Hitler earlier declared he would never  enter into, certified his ultimate defeat, and the elimination of   an abyss  of a  "New Dark Age" (words of dire warning by Winston Churchill}.
I remember Steven Ambrose, one of the great historians, hypothesizing about Hitler's  possibly  seeking to make a second(!) alliance with Stalin  later in the conflict(- remember the Ribbentrop -  Molotov Pact of 1939, less than two weeks before Hitler invaded Poland, setting the entire world afire?). The issue with Ambrose was the ultimate control of the port of  Antwerp, and Ambrose, in fact indeed speculated, which kind of surprised me - I have that speculation of Ambrose on tape. It can be found.
MY speculation (in question form, of course, and however miniscule it may be)-what if Hitler had  indeed beaten the Soviet Union;  over approximately one sixth of the land surface on our planet, for his vaunted Lebensraum??
What if there hadn't been the "Arsenal of Democracy" available?
What if the Impossible had happened?



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