Friday, July 27, 2012

Additional Facets on the Jewel Called Chopin...

The world of music, for almost two centuries, has had a love affair with the music of Frederic Chopin - the sublimity of his gift finds a subject in virtually every part of the world he visited for such a brief period.
You may find other aspects of his entity rather interesting, to perhaps aid you in putting additional 'pieces' of this towering artist into place.
There are thousands of words having been written by a number of Chopin's contemporaries, some of which are rather surprising, if not beguiling...
Few know that Chopin was a gifted mimic, and he made fun of many of his acquaintances, let alone some caricatures of the human species in general; for instance, at various times he mimicked, at the piano, his great contemporary, Franz Liszt, as well as other musicians who played this instrument. I cannot, of course, describe to you the manner of mimicry surrounding his version of Liszt -all I can state is that I would have been willing to have a tooth extracted if that were to have been payment for being witness to his mimicry of great musical contemporaries.
According to one of Chopin's contemporaries, Chopin delighted in mimicking both highly disheveled gentlemen and elderly ladies(!) Wouldn't YOU have wanted to be witness to such goings-on, , especially when one is reminded that such activities were engendered by the only great composer who wrote, essentially, for the piano, and who caused the history of piano music to swerve on its path onto a field of pure beauty never dreamed of, never anticipated?
Additionally, upon digesting the voluminous material left to us by his acquaintances, I sometimes wonder if this genius had any true friends? I seem to have garnered an impression of his having directly touched countless individuals without having developed a genuine form of friendship with anyone except, perhaps, his lover, George Sand - and even with her I wonder if they truly were friends, as we know the meaning of this word. The ephemeral nature of his social demeanor, even with such supporters as Liszt, Schumann and Mendelssohn leads me to wonder, at times, if the only elemental aspect of truth Chopin possessed was the music, and the music only.



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