Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BACH - On Father's Day - Hats Off to the Father of Them All!

As Father's Day approaches, I bow to the greater man, not only as a musician, but also as a father. Of course I bow to Johann Sebastian Bach, arguably the most influential composer of the past three centuries.
I continue to gaze in awe at this man -not only was he unparalleled in the position of power he has held for so long, let alone the amount of music he created at such a high level(example: he wrote enough music for the Lutheran service to provide approximately five years of musical service for his church), he was also a producer of twenty children that we know of; seven children with his second cousin, who was his first wife, and thirteen children with his second wife.
How he wrote about 2000 compositions, produced such a large family, and lived 65 years, a life tenure far exceeding the expected span during that period of history, continues to dazzle my senses. He even wrote music for his kids, sharing teaching them with Mother (or mommies?).
What a master of production! Hats off to the Greater Man!



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