Monday, June 18, 2012

The Unparalleled Tragedy of Three Great Musicians...

From time to time, I think of a trio of young geniuses who undoubtedly would have palpably enriched the history of 20th century performances to a degree none of us can predict, as the boundlessness of their gifts serves only the cause 0f speculation:
The American pianist William Kapell, who dazzled audiences all over the world with his unique way of surrounding whatever he played with an indescribable way of etching his incarnations so as to fashion a form of delineation like no other pianist I know of.
Ginette Neveu, the French violinist who discovered a kind of controlled excitement commensurate with an immense range of spiritual contact that gave rise to a unique language.
Guido Cantelli, an Italian conductor who demonstrated so very quickly a mastery over the immense difficulties germane to leading world class musicians in orchestral and operatic presentations, before the age of thirty, causing the legendary Arturo Toscanini to take him under his wing...
All three, each in his or her thirties, killed in three separate airplane crashes...



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