Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Wry Humor of Frederic Chopin...

In a life span of only 39 years, the great composer Frederic Chopin shares with us an insight into the piano like no other composer; after all, the 172 plus works he committed onto paper deal with the piano. No other major composer wrote works encircling one instrument only. When he wrote the early songs, the piano was the accompanist, of course; or, as another example, his 'Cello Sonata is really a sonata for piano with 'cello obbligato.
Interestingly, some of the few words he gave to history carry a rather delightful aroma of a kind of ironic humor; such as:
Near death, he wryly exclaims that "I was cursed with a short life and a long nose."
According to Chopin, during a bout of severe illness, he was visited by three doctors, each of whom had a specific opinion:
the first - "You are dying."
the second - "You are going to die." (Seems to me that this doctor possessed infallible wisdom for all of us...)
the third - "You are already dead."
I think that I would have LOVED speaking with Chopin.



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