Friday, March 9, 2012

Blue-Grass in Europe? A Rather Unique Composition...

On March 13, the eminent violinist Ricardo Odriozola will be premiering a work of mine in Finland.
This distinguished musician possesses a strong eclectic view of music, with a wonderfully democratized view of his art in its countless forms, from Jazz through Folk to Classical, and beyond - the term 'beyond' reminds me of a short work for the violin, titled "Dance" by a composer whose name is Theo Loevendie. Both the composer and the performer have a true sense of Adventure, represented in this piece. One might say that "Dance" is music for virtually unaccompanied violin; that is, Odriozola indeed performs on the violin, while at the same time one of his ankles is surrounded by a set of bells, activated by the stamping of that foot, in a particular array of rhythms enhancing the violin part, both foot and violin inculcated into the score - honestly! If the harmonies were less 'modern,' one would almost swear that he or she were listening to a blue-grass session in Tennessee.
And yes, one can watch Odriozola perform this refreshing and entertaining incarnation on youtube.
And yes, Odriozola brilliantly demonstrates to the world that it is possible to walk and chew gum simultaneously.



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